Who we are

HB Team, is a distributor of high quality safety equipment & accessories. Through years of dedication and development, the company has grown and has recently begun to expand into the retail market due to popular demand.

HB Team proudly distributes the world’s leading brands – MECHANIX WEAR ®. MECHANIX WEAR ® was launched into the US market 24 years ago and was originally limited to a range of gloves for the Motor Cross Motorcycle market. In 1992 MECHANIX WEAR ®supplied a new style of glove to the Richard Childress #3 GM Goodwrench NASCAR Team . It wasn’t long before all 41 teams in Nascar were clamoring to get their hands into a pair of MECHANIX WEAR ® gloves.

HB Team™ has embraced the advances in technology to develop the business and has never shied away from making the significant investments in technology and infrastructure necessary to maintain our market leading position. Investments such as B2B supply and B2C e-commence facility which is used daily by the majority of our customers.

HB Team young, motivated and ambitious management team craves for more. We will not rest until we have maximized the market potential for all of our suppliers and brands. This will be achieved through the identification and exploitation of all strategic opportunities that come from being a market leading specialist distributor of safety equipment & accessories.

Why Mechanix Wear

Back in 1991, we knew right away we had a good thing going with Mechanix Wear® Gloves. We had no idea what kind of revolution we would start. From the first use of Mechanix Wear® “Original” Gloves by pit crew teams at the Daytona 500, Mechanix Wear® gloves have been the leader in the high performance work glove market.Before we knew it, we had 41 NASCAR® teams asking for our gloves along with just about every other high profile motorsports team in every type of racing!

As a result of the exposure, everyday mechanics, technicians, construction workers, Do-It-Yourselfers, industrial safety, emergency services, and military professionals all benefit from our products.

Every Mechanix Wear® product represents a total commitment to its intended use. We consider everything: fit, feel, function, durability, quality, style and value. There is a lot of dedication and pride in everything we do, and it all adds up to superior performing products for you, our valued customer.

Whether you’re jumping the pit wall at Daytona or just doing a little tune up in the garage, you can have complete confidence that Mechanix Wear® products offer you the best protection in the industry. Mechanix Wear® gloves are for more than just racing, they are for toolboxes everywhere.

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Our commitment to all our customers is, we will always strive to provide quality products and services.

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