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Alternator – Clear Anti-Fog
Flexiplus Goggles – Clear Anti-fog Foam Bound

Altimeter – Clear Anti-Fog

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The Altimeter helps take the risk out of eye injury whether working with chemicals, sanding, building or more. Its hybrid design makes it ideal for universal use; its thoughtful features and durable construction make it ideal in hazardous environments. Comes with a split headband and a set of temples.

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  • Softcover completely protecting the eye and shock absorbing
  • Adjustable angle for flexible belt latch or adjustable temples
  • 18 large vents to ensure good ventilation
  • Sightgard coating provides protection against fogging and good scratch resistance
  • UV400 protection level for smoky lenses (for transparent UV 99.9%)
  • Comfortable glasses for use with a helmet with attached hearing protectors because elastic strap does not affect the proper adhesion to the head protector.
Markets: Chemical, Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, General Industrial, Mining
Applications: Food Processes, Sanding & Grinding
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